Flash Global Logistics (FGL) introduces FlashView, the first and only solution to bring proactive, global track and trace technology to the service parts logistics industry for all carriers (3rdparty) shipments for either client or FGL owned supply chain partners for both domestic and international shipping lanes.

“The service parts logistics industry has neglected the shift in treating all shipments, including 3rd party carriers, with 4-hour like precision. FGL recognizes the gap and developed a global solution that provides visibility and proactive management to drive value back to the client base for 3rd party shipping activity. The SPL industry has been starving for this type of solution. Our clients have reported reduced escalations, enhanced order visibility, in addition to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of day-to-day management of global shipments,” says Sam Mikles, chief operating officer of Flash.

FlashView track and trace technology is unique in that regardless if client or FGL owned shipping supply-chain partners, FGL will proactively manage the shipping lanes from origin to destination. FlashView will be a complimentary technology, rounding out Flash’s comprehensive end-to-end shipping solutions.

The real-time data reporting feature in FlashView enable clients to improve parts planning accuracy, more easily manage and identify shipping trends with comprehensive end-to-end shipment visibility.

FlashView works hand-in-hand with FlashTrac, FGL’s proprietary operating system, to deliver real-time visibility for all key milestones within the international and domestic shipping supply chain. With this best-in-class technology, FlashView proactively provides clients information on their shipments from its origin to its delivery point, all within a single dashboard regardless if FGL or a client nominated supply-chain partner.