Company standardizes on GT Nexus hosted software platform to manage ocean and airfreight service agreements worldwide

GT Nexus, the leading provider of on-demand software and services for global logistics and supply chain management, announced that The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) has renewed and expanded a contract for global transportation management software and technology services.

P&G originally contracted with GT Nexus in October 2001 to provide a Web-hosted platform and software applications to manage global ocean freight contracts. Today’s announcement marks a renewal of the original agreement and expands its scope to include management of international airfreight contracts as well.

P&G is among the world’s largest consumers of ocean and airfreight transportation services, engaging over 60 ocean lines, airfreight companies and freight forwarders to support its global manufacturing and distribution operations. The GT Nexus platform serves as the central system within which the company has standardized its global transportation service agreements, and manages freight rates and service terms for P&G’s worldwide business operations.

“P&G is recognized as a leader and innovator across many facets of its business, particularly in the discipline of global logistics,” said Aaron Sasson, GT Nexus chairman and CEO. “We are pleased to have earned their renewed support, and we look forward to a larger role and opportunity to contribute to their objectives for strategic management of global transportation.”

As a subscription-based, hosted service, the software system is provisioned, securely operated, maintained and upgraded by GT Nexus for P&G over the Web. No installation of hardware or software at the customer site is required. Users access the system and use the software via simple Web browser.

This “pay as you go” software model allows an enterprise to acquire advanced technology at a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional software license, which requires large up-front fees and other investments. It shifts the risk for ongoing operations to the vendor, eliminating traditional maintenance costs. The vendor also is responsible for all upgrades and improvements, which are included in the annual subscription fee.

The GT Nexus global transportation management system improves visibility and control over key functional areas of international logistics operations, such as:

  • Collaborating with and managing global freight service providers over a single, Web-based business process platform.
  • Centralizing and standardizing the provision of global freight contracts electronically, and providing on-demand, controlled access to authorized users worldwide, replacing manual, paper-based processes.
  • Streamlining contract management tasks by instituting integrated, online workflow and process management tools to amend, update, track and audit contract provisions in real time.

Terms of the contract were not disclosed.