James T. McDermott, Jr., Executive Director of the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA), is pleased to announce the significant expansion of two major container services at PRPA’s Packer Avenue Marine Terminal, the Port of Philadelphia’s largest and busiest facility.

Effective March, 2007, Hamburg Sud’s ‘Trident Service’, which services ports in Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and the US East Coast, will increase its calls at Packer Avenue Marine Terminal from fortnightly to weekly. This tremendously successful service has been a mainstay at the facility since February 2006, and the new weekly frequency is coming about due to Hamburg Sud’s adding two vessels to the service’s rotation.

‘Hamburg Sud’s Trident Service has been an extremely important addition to the Port of Philadelphia’s roster of services,’ said PRPA Director of Marketing Sean Mahoney. ‘Since its start in 2006, it not only bolstered our connections with Australia and New Zealand, but gave the Port a direct connection to ports in Europe for the first time since the 1980s. The service’s new weekly frequency is indeed great news for all the shippers who regularly make use of this excellent service.’

In addition, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) recently added a Montevideo port call to its busy East Coast of South America Service, another successful service at the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal. MSC is the second largest steamship line in the world and its East Coast of South America Service has been calling the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal since mid-2006.

‘We are proud to have MSC as a partner,’ said Mr. Mahoney, ‘and we’re extremely pleased that the new Montevideo port call will improve an already strong MSC East Coast of South America service here at the Port.’