Kalmar and Navis, both part of Cargotec, today announced at Intermodal South America that Puerto Caacupe-mi in Paraguay has chosen Navis’ N4 terminal operating system (TOS) and Kalmar’s SmartPort process automation solutions for its Asuncion and Pilar facilities. The order has been booked into Cargotec’s 2014 first quarter order intake.

Puerto Caacupe-mi selected N4 due to the TOS’ flexibility to adapt to individual customer needs, and at the same time, achieve greater agility, efficiency and control in handling large cargo volumes. In addition, Asuncion and Pilar will implement Kalmar SmartFleet, offering real time and historical data for remote equipment monitoring for all tracked assets, as well as Kalmar SmartMap, providing a terminal view of the operations. Together, the Kalmar solutions will increase security and productivity with yard operations, improve the quality of information and reduce human error and enhance terminal truck operator efficiency. By implementing these SmartPort modules along with the N4 TOS, Asuncion and Pilar will experience improved efficiency at the ports, achieve competitive advantages in the region and above all, provide better service to its customers.

“The biggest challenge for us is adapting to constantly changing market demands and customer needs. With N4 and SmartPort, we hope to improve the way our customers are serviced, and at the same time, increase efficiency and control,” said Fernando Leri Frizza, President at Puerto Caacupe-mi. “In the next ten years, providing customized information to customers will be an industry standard. We chose Navis and Kalmar because we wanted to provide customers with tailor-made solutions and information now, and at the same time, achieve improved operations at our sites.”

With an annual TEU of 100,000 and 250 percent growth in volume during the past 24 months, it was essential for Puerto Caacupe-mi to implement N4 and SmartPort to meet the evolving needs of its customers. Additionally with anticipated growth of 50 percent over the next five years, Puerto Caacupe-mi understands the value of having advanced technology solutions in place to optimize operations and achieve efficiency as competitive advantages.

“Collaborating with Kalmar to optimize the operations at Puerto Caacupe-mi is a significant milestone for the region. As the technologies integrate seamlessly, Puerto Caacupe-mi/Asuncion and Puerto Caacupe-mi/Pilar will both benefit greatly from this collaboration,” said Martin Bardi, Senior Sales Director, Americas for Navis. “We’re eager to establish a go-live date and allow the facilities to achieve greater agility and deliver consistently for their customers. With N4 and SmartPort solutions in place, Caacupe-mi will be able to facilitate its aggressive growth trajectory.”

“When we’ve combined Navis and Kalmar technologies in the past, our customers have been impressed with the results. We’re looking forward to delivering both Navis and Kalmar solutions at Puerto Caacupemi/ Asuncion and Puerto Caacupe-mi/Pilar,” says John Scott, Vice President, Automation at Kalmar. “While N4 and SmartPort will be achieving separate tasks, at the end of the day, the two technologies will accelerate the efficiency and growth of the ports in the region and within the industry at large.”

Kalmar will be at Stand C-235 and Navis at Stand B-76 at Intermodal South America in São Paulo, Brazil.