Qantas Freight has announced the release of a new version of its popular smartphone app to the Google Play Store, giving customers using Android smartphones the ability to track shipments and view flight information.

The release of the Android app follows the success of Qantas Freight’s iPhone app which launched in September 2012. The iPhone app has been downloaded more than 40,000 times and has a five star user rating.

The new Android app is now available globally, and Head of Business Development and Asia Freight Harold Pang says the app will be particularly valued by Qantas Freight’s customers across Asia, where Android smartphones dominate 75% of the consumer market.

“More than 35% of Qantas Freight’s revenue is generated in Asia, and the new Android app will make it easier for these customers to do business with Qantas Freight. The app will be particularly helpful for customers in China who will handle increased freight volumes during the upcoming peak period before Chinese New Year.”

Smartphones are increasingly important business tools, and Qantas Freight’s app offers customers the convenience of checking on their shipments anytime from anywhere. “We’ve seen a 30% increase in usage of Qantas Freight’s mobile site over the last year, which reinforces that our customers rely on their smartphones and tablets to interact with our business. The app opens up a new range of useful functionality and features that can be accessed from these devices.”

The Qantas Freight app gives customers instant access to near real time information about their shipment. It includes:

• Automatic air waybill push notifications as shipments pass milestones chosen by the customer such as being accepted for uplift and being ready for collection.

• Automatic flight push notifications allowing customers to receive alerts about changes in the departure or arrival status of flights – a crucial piece of information when sending and receiving freight.

Qantas Freight has recently implemented a range of technology initiatives that are improving the customer experience. “Qantas Freight’s Australian International freight terminals now have self-service kiosks to expedite the import collection process, linked in real time to warehouse forklift operators. This import delivery solution combined with our online tools, mobile site and smartphone apps are all working together to make it faster, easier and more efficient for customers to do business with Qantas Freight,” said Mr Pang.