Quality Carriers, Inc. (“Quality Carriers”), the leading North American bulk chemical carrier,

has expanded into the Indianapolis market.

“Consistent with our previously announced strategy to expand our footprint, we are excited to announce our expansion into the Indianapolis market,” stated Randy Strutz, President, Quality Carriers. “When one of our newest customers, who has struggled for capacity in this market, asked us for a solution we responded by working with one of our midwest affiliate partners to add a new terminal within weeks of our initial discussion.”

“As an independent affiliate of Quality Carriers, we have wanted to expand our existing terminal network beyond Toledo and Lima, OH and Detroit, MI. Indianapolis was a natural choice due to the proximity to our existing terminals and the opportunity to improve lane density and efficiency, while expanding our driver base,” commented Russ King, President, LaKing Trucking.

“We have added five new terminals this year, bringing our total across North America up to 94 locations. We continue to evaluate other locations and plan to further expand our industry leading terminal network,” continued Randy Strutz.