QuestaWeb announces the addition of e-AWB connectivity with 86 airlines to their Web-based global trade management solutions with DT Gruelle making the first few shipments.

Christopher Springer, QuestaWeb’s Director, Customer Service said, “The single porthole offered by WIN for filing e-AWB has allowed QuestaWeb a simple low cost solution to a complex problem. Now, rather than linking to each airline individually, users of QuestaWeb’s Export Freight Forwarding and Exporter applications are able to link to a spectrum of air carriers. Efficiency and transparency have been gained through the ability to instantly communicate with the airlines and process a myriad of responses as QuestaWeb publishable statuses. Positive environmental impact via eliminated paper and ink use is a very welcome added bonus allowing companies like D.T. Gruelle to blaze the trail with a small carbon footprint.”

Marco Gruelle, DT Gruelle’s Export Manager said, “We use 36 airlines and are expecting to streamline our air export processing go paperless with as many as we can while benefiting from reduced manual processing fees. Our software just got better thanks to QW and WIN”.

John DeBenedette, Managing Director of WIN has said, “Our mission is to deliver robust global connectivity to independent forwarders worldwide right from within their existing software solutions. This ensures that they are not left behind the e-AWB adoption curve. QuestaWeb and their customer DT Gruelle impressed us with their commitment to greater automation and efficiency taking this e-AWB link from concept to go-live in record time.”