Leading intermodal shipping company, Quick Transfer USA, is spotlighting its new expedited shipping option for customers with rush orders. Customers in need of a quick turn-around can sign up for Quick Transfer USA’s time critical services. Customers state the desired time frame and Quick Transfer USA will develop customized logistics for delivery. Customers will have the necessary cargo shipped promptly and safely.

“In today’s fast paced world, time is money. Quick Transfer USA understands that not all orders can wait the standard shipping time of three to five days. Therefore, we are introducing our expedited shipping options. Customers can call and give us the date and time they need the cargo by and our team will work to create a plan of action that ensures the packages arrive before that time. This gives businesses the ability to take rush orders and eliminates the need to turn down business due to shipping delays,” says Charles Kohn, CEO of Quick Transfer USA. Using Quick Transfer USA’s online form, customers provide company information, the total freight weight and the origin and destination of the cargo. The Quick Transfer USA customer service department will review the information and provide a projected date and time of delivery, along with a shipping quote. Businesses are also able to sign up for Quick Transfer USA’s overnight shipping option. Quick Transfer promises that cargo will arrive within twenty four hours of placing the order online. If a problem arises, a customer service representative will phone the business to devise an alternate plan of action. All of Quick Transfer’s overnight and expedited shipping options are offered at competitive industry prices and the option can be applied to any of the company’s trucking services.

SOURCE Quick Transfer USA