Enhanced Freight Car Track and Trace Data Improves Rail Fleet Management

Railinc released a major update to the RailSight’ CLM (Car Location Message) engine, which delivers real-time track and trace data for freight rail. RailSight now gives rail equipment owners, shippers, third-party logistics managers, and transportation management software (TMS) providers improved ability to manage and view their rail fleets and account profiles through an intuitive and easy-to-use web tool, along with more data element options. Details of the RailSight application, including features, functions and technical requirements, are available on the product website at’www.railinc.com/railsightinfo.

RailSight Integrates with the Railinc Umler’‘System
RailSight now features a bridge to the Railinc Umler’rail equipment information system for automatic fleet configuration management for users of both systems. Umler fleet changes can now flow automatically into the RailSight system and CLM feeds. This upgrade provides users with more effective and efficient online management capabilities than previously available, as well as immediate access to equipment data within their fleets. RailSight now also offers additional appendable data elements such as last air brake test and latitudes/longitudes for mapping applications.

‘The new RailSight Online tool and Umler bridge give all of our customers more control over how they can manage and create value in their businesses,’ said Chuck Hieronymi, RailSight product manager. ‘Additional RailSight features, functions and the new web interface enable our customers and channel partners to deliver better, faster and cheaper solutions in a demanding marketplace.’

The RailSight release represents many months of collaboration between Railinc and its key customers and channel partners to develop, test and implement the upgraded service.’

‘Railinc was very flexible with us in enhancing RailSight to allow our systems to constantly update our critical rail fleet based on our business and customer’s needs, and to utilize location data for a real-time view of our equipment,’ said Jim Baumgartner, vice president, Rail Systems for First Union Rail Corporation. ‘We also use this information for various analytical functions to enhance our customer service, and to respond more quickly to customers’ requests. The RailSight solution has become a cost-effective and valuable tool for First Union Rail.’

Railinc Leads in Freight Rail Tracking and Tracing
The RailSight CLM track and trace engine is the most comprehensive, real-time, single-source, rail shipment and equipment management data product in the industry. The system delivers more than 7.5 million rail events each day from more than 550 Class I, II and III railroads and shops across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Over the last 10 years, RailSight has delivered fully-integrated railcar location message data for the leading TMS applications used in the rail logistics industry. The Railinc Umler system, redesigned in 2009, is the rail industry’s official registry for rail equipment information, established more than 40 years ago.

More RailSight releases are planned throughout 2010 to introduce new features and functionality to support more customers, including intermodal. These include more flexible trip break logic for intermodal customers, expanded Umler system integration, and new web service integration options. These features will give RailSight customers a broader range of choice, control and tailored CLM solutions to identify and manage more of their critical business information.