SKOKIE, Ill., Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/—After implementing Rand McNally’s TPC 7600 devices, part of the company’s suite of mobile fleet management solutions, Empire Express, a Hazmat and high-value freight specialist operating 200 units out of Memphis, Tenn., is reporting increased compliance with Hours of Service rules.

Empire Express always has had an excellent long-term safety record in the industry; however the company wanted to refine its processes by implementing electronic onboard devices. In addition to HOS tracking, Empire Express managers wanted a solution that would assist with vehicle tracking and provide time-of-arrival information to help the company deliver on its mission of serving customers who have time-sensitive deliveries and/or safety-sensitive products.

According to Tim Gatlin, President and CEO, Empire Express, the company searched for a business partner to provide data that was easy to manage and use across multiple departments, as well as to integrate with technology already in place such as McLeod Software’s windows-based transportation management software.

Empire Express also needed to find a solution that would provide an intuitive, easy-to-understand driver experience. “Rand McNally just really stood out from the first conversation,” said Gatlin. “Rand McNally’s world-class service has continued even after the sale. After fully implementing the TPC 7600 solution, our potential hours of service variances have been virtually eliminated – down to one-half of one percent. The customizable reporting tools have provided additional insight into our business, and our drivers have begun to realize the efficiencies gained from using electronic logs.” Empire Express considered and tested a variety of industry leading providers of mobile communications devices before selecting Rand McNally’s TPC 7600 device. For more information on Rand McNally’s mobile fleet management services, call 1-800-789-6277 or visit

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