Continuing a tradition that began in 2004, Rayonier Performance Fibers, LLC presented its Export Carrier of the Year Award to APL Limited at the international ocean carrier’s Denver Customer Service Center in Colorado. Attendees included Steven Johnston, Rayonier Senior Director, Supply Chain; Gail Krupski, APL Director, Customer Service Center; and other representatives of both companies. The award was created to recognize export carriers for providing superior service and thereby helping Rayonier deliver excellent service to its customers in approximately 20 countries.

The selection of Export Carrier of the Year involves a scorecard process that evaluates Rayonier’s export partners in several categories. On time delivery (OTD) and customer service constitute nearly half the total score. APL Limited’s OTD for 2013 was 12% higher than the nearest challenger, and Rayonier Sourcing Manager-Logistics Andy Morelli described APL’s customer service team dedicated to Rayonier’s account as “one of the best the Rayonier team deals with on a day-to-day basis.” He added, “They are extremely receptive to our requests and needs and that allows us to deliver the professional logistics management our customers expect. APL’s equipment availability is never an issue, which is important for loading at the warehouses and increases our efficiency.”

Joe Donlin, APL Senior Director of Area Sales, said, “APL is very pleased to receive the Rayonier Export Carrier of the Year award as it shows we have met an important client’s expectations fully. Whether it’s fast turnaround on a rate request or a specific shipping requirement, APL account manager Laura Lea Wilkerson and the sales and marketing team have been exemplary in responding to Rayonier’s needs. This award is testament to APL’s commitment to providing a positive customer experience.”

With 60% to 70% of its performance fibers product shipped abroad by ocean, Rayonier, like other U.S. exporters, relies heavily on global transportation providers. The company is proud to continue its tradition of promoting service standards throughout the industry by recognizing outstanding carriers like APL Limited with its Export Carrier of the Year Award.