REZ-1 announced that their users are now able to make and manage their equipment reservations over mobile phones.’ REZ-1’s active community extends to over 4,000 users from IMC’s and dray companies that utilize their online applications; ChannelSpeed and StreetSpeed.

‘We are excited to be able to extend this functionality to our user community,’ said Marie Colbert, REZ-1’s President. ‘REZ-1 Mobile will offer flexibility and convenience by allowing users to make reservations, or put themselves on a standby list. We will continue to look for enhancements that allow our applications to be more accessible and user friendly.’ REZ-1 saw the enormous benefit of having their applications go mobile. ‘Our users need continual access to their reservation information, even when away from the office, and REZ-1 Mobile technology will provide that,’ said Colbert.

‘In addition to making a reservation or product request, IMC’s are also able to cancel reservations, verify reservations, and look at specific equipment available at the terminal.

REZ-1 plans on extending this service to drayman in the near future, where they will be able to access their reservation information, pickup location, and available equipment over mobile devices.