New suite of services targets rail shippers, railcar owners and lessees.

RMI, the market leader and largest independent provider of accurate, reliable, comprehensive and secure rail information services to the transportation industry, announces today the launch of a broad new suite of services targeted toward rail shippers as well as railcar owners and lessees. These new services are offered via a partnership with Lodestar Logistics Corporation of Houston, Texas and are built upon RMI’s existing web-based Freight Management System for tracking, managing and analyzing rail shipments.

With these new services, RMI expects to be positioned not only to provide shippers and equipment owners/lessees with state of the art information systems, but also offer hands-on rail fleet management and consulting services wherever such assistance is desired by the customer.

Specific services include:

  • Pro-Active Shipment Monitoring (including diversions and forecasts of product/car supply)
  • Performance Metrics
  • Route Optimization
  • Fleet Utilization and Analysis
  • Maintenance Coordination (including programs for the shopping and cleaning of cars)
  • Freight Rate Review and Negotiations
  • Private Car Accounting (including processing claims for under-allowed revenue and reporting state ad valorem taxes)

‘Given the shortage of experienced personnel today in most traffic departments, we want to provide our customers with a full range of flexible solutions that will enable them to offload any portion of the work involved in managing rail shipments and fleets,’ says Paul Pascutti, vice-president of marketing for RMI.

By combining their expertise and talents, RMI and Lodestar anticipate immediate deployment of the new line of services to shippers and railcar owners.

‘Our organizations are entirely complementary, and the synergies will have tremendous benefits for the customer,’ explains Jerry James, vice-president ’ commercial for Lodestar.