Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTAC), a division of Martac Systems, and Romeo Papa Boats has invited local port stakeholders and national security companies to the port on October 20th - 21st, as they introduce the MantaRay Demo Team performing a series of exercises highlighting MANTAS Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) capabilities.

“This technology will change how surveying and security is done on the water.” said Robert Perez, President at Romeo Papa Boats. On October 20th, US Representative Charlie Crist will welcome the MantaRay Demo Team at Port Tampa Bay for a demonstration on hydrographic surveying and inspection exercises with the MANTAS T12 (3.6m) Surveyor and on October 21st, Romeo Papa’s Dry Tortugas, embarking from the Port Tampa Bay, to view on-water exercises with the newly launched MANTAS T38 (11m) as it executes high performance exercises and autonomous piloting escort missions in the harbor and surrounding waters.

Many entities will benefit from this new technology as ports are able to conduct surveys of waterways in a third of the time while the unmanned security modules will keep personnel safe and ports more secure. Tactical Maritime Solutions is positioned to deploy the boats in Tampa within the year while other ports are also interested in the technology.

“We are partnering with other local businessmen to bring this product to the ports in the Southeast,” said Captain John Timmel, CEO, Tactical Maritime Solutions.

Founded in 2000, Martac Systems is the worldwide leader in on-water technology. The company, headquartered in Melbourne, Florida has a variety of products for the mapping, surveillance, and monitoring of waterways.