Royal Jordanian Airlines has joined The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) and vowed to support the Association in its ongoing campaign to tackle major issues restricting the development of the air cargo industry.

Ingo Roessler, Vice President ’ Cargo for the airline, stated: ‘Royal Jordanian has made great advances during the last three years, achieving continuous profit and joining one of the leading alliances for passenger services: oneworld. Our cargo business is striving to make similar progress and joining TIACA, the world’s leading cargo association, supports this objective.

‘We seek to strengthen the Association as a corporate member and look forward to strongly supporting TIACA as it works to tackle major issues of development where the airline industry has not enough voice.’

TIACA is actively involved with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the European Civil Aviation Council, the World Customs Organization, World Bank and United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD). Through these working relationships, TIACA is representing the best interests of the air cargo industry on issues such as liberalization policy, EU transport strategies, customs regulation and facilitation. In the past year, through debates, consultations and conferences, TIACA representatives have also addressed issues including the authorized supply chain, customs and trade integrity, air cargo and the third world, data discipline, customs performance measurement, unique consignment identification and the ‘virtual border’.

Jack Boisen, Chairman of TIACA and Vice President Cargo at Continental Airlines, said: ‘We welcome Royal Jordanian Airlines as a member of TIACA and, in particular, its commitment to supporting the many areas we are working in. Our goal is to create a fairer, freer, faster and less regulated environment for an industry that is vital to world trade and a driver of global economic development. TIACA’s membership is at an all-time high and we welcome more members that want to join us in working to improve the air cargo industry for its service providers and customers.’

From its hub in Amman, Royal Jordanian serves more than 29 airports throughout the Arab world and a further 25 points in Europe, the USA and Asia. As well as carrying cargo on its passenger services, the airline operates two Airbus A310 freighters on a regular schedule to Baghdad, Dubai, Cairo, Tel Aviv, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Brussels, Athens, Larnaca, Damascus, Khartoum and New York JFK. Royal Jordanian is also operating worldwide charters and provides ACMI missions for airline partners.