Air cargo, security and fresh transport specialist, Rutges Cargo, has become the first trucking company to publish performance data measured against Cargo 2000’s service level agreement for road feeder services.

Rutges Cargo, recently acquired by Wallenborn Transports S.A., provides scheduled cargo deliveries for airline and freight forwarder customers to 100 airports throughout Europe and was the first trucker to join Cargo 2000. In compliance with the Cargo 2000 standard, the company is measuring and reporting its performance for four key milestones in the road transport journey; booking processed, on-time departure, on-time arrival and Freight Status Update (FSU) message sent to the client airline within 60 minutes of these events.

Dick Foote, EDI Manager for Rutges, said: ‘We are capturing data to report to Cargo 2000 by using onboard computer systems that have been fitted to our transport fleet. We are also developing the use of SMS messages from mobile phones as a means of transmitting FSU data. The first three months of data have been used to enhance our performance in all areas of our operation.

‘The Booked Message contains both estimated and actual delivery times against which our on-time performance is measured and distributed to Cargo 2000 members. We will use this data to discuss our performance at regular meetings with individual Cargo 2000 members that are customers of Rutges Cargo in Europe and share our commitment to both quality of service and cost efficiency of operations. Many of our airline customers have told us their customers place a high value on the knowledge their shipments have a confirmed and specific onward truck connection with a recognised flight number so we consider the Booked Message milestone to be a useful development.’

Since joining Cargo 2000 in early 2005, Rutges Cargo has been working to develop a system of performance review suitable for the Road Feeder System members of Cargo 2000.

Rutges Truck

A number of other performance enhancements have been generated from the data. It has also resulted in Rutges Cargo developing standards for its General Handling Agents (GHA’s) at its scheduled destinations. Most of the company’s handling partners are now sending FSU, ‘freight received’ and ‘delivered’ information directly back to the client airline ensuring a flow of information covering the entire journey is relayed to the consignor/shipper.

Bauke Felix, Managing Director of Rutges Cargo, added: ‘Our investment in technology systems provides real-time status for our vehicle fleet and this has enabled us to provide the quality data Cargo 2000 mandates. Our commitment to Cargo 2000 is important for many reasons; it mirrors the quality programs of our customers, enables us to more easily identify opportunities for service and cost improvements, and positions Rutges as a provider of quality road transport services that are measured against the recognized industry standard.’

Rutges Cargo B.V. was recently acquired by the Luxembourg transportation and logistics specialist, Wallenborn Transports S.A., whose strategy is to develop a pan-European distribution network connecting all major airports to offer full distribution products. These products comprising not only large scale transportation solutions but also warehousing and related operational activities may be seen as a new way forward in European logistics especially with regards to traditional air cargo distribution solutions. The Group, which also includes Haugsted Air Cargo, intends to develop its Cargo 2000 focus further.