Rutges Cargo expects to play an increasingly important role for manufacturers of high value and high risk products in The Netherlands after gaining the Transported Asset Protection Association’s (TAPA) Freight Security Requirements (FSR) ‘A’ certification for its secure warehouse operation at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

As a leading supplier of security transport services in Europe, Rutges Cargo opened the 2,000m’ facility in 2006. With a team of 25 staff, the location provides high security, customs bonded services 24/7 and incorporates ‘100,000 of the latest security systems and measures. Rutges Cargo’s ‘Secure’ product also offers GPS vehicle tracking, emergency response, risk assessment and risk management solutions.

To achieve TAPA FSR ‘A’ accreditation ’ the highest FSR level - Rutges Cargo had to implement the Association’s appropriate security procedures, invest in security systems, train personnel and appoint an audit body to carry out the assessment.

The Amsterdam facility offers secure short-term and long-term storage of high value, vulnerable and sensitive products. It provides secure cross-docking of high value goods in transit and the distribution of cargo arriving at Schiphol to anywhere in Europe using a fleet of security transport vehicles.

Rutges Cargo now operates a fleet of over 30 small and large vans in addition to full-size trucks, all incorporating the highest security standards. These smaller vehicles offer customers a series of advantages including faster journey times and therefore longer range, avoiding the need for rest breaks or the use of two drivers. They are also more cost effective for the movement of smaller shipments.

Jason Breakwell, Commercial Manager of Rutges Cargo, said: ‘When we launched our Secure product eight years ago, our aim was to provide best-in-class security solutions. Gaining TAPA FSR ‘A’ accreditation is a consequence of the way we work and reflects the considerable investment we have made in training, systems, equipment and facilities. Our customers need flexibility, tracking and visibility and we are able to provide solutions that give them an edge.

‘Product brands are becoming as valuable as the products and the cost of crime can be seven times greater than the material value of stolen goods so supply chain security is now one of the top corporate concerns and priorities. Our track record and reputation for security transport has enabled us to create a highly successful business in this growing sector, which is now expanding into central and southern Europe.’

Certification of the Rutges Cargo facility means there are now five TAPA FSR accredited locations at Schiphol. These are seen as providing a significant boost in the campaign to fight rising cargo crime in the Netherlands.

Only this month, TAPA has hosted a special one-day meeting in Amsterdam attended by Government officials, manufacturers, law enforcement agencies and transport and logistics providers to develop a strategy to fight rising cargo crime in The Netherlands. It is estimated to currently result in annual losses in excess of ‘330 million.

TAPA says action must be taken to stop manufacturers of high value, high risk products from being forced to alter their supply chains to bypass The Netherlands and to protect the country’s position as one of Europe’s major transport gateways and distribution centers.