Two of the same-day delivery industry’s most prominent trade associations have combined under the banner of the Messenger & Courier Association of America (MCAA). The new entity will now represent the industry’s largest trade association, combining the membership and resources of MCAA and the National Transportation & Logistics Association (NTLA). The two organizations signed an agreement that finalized the arrangement as of July 24, 2009.

‘By combining the resources and talents of the two organizations, we create a stronger voice for the same-day delivery industry,’ says MCAA President Michael Gualtieri, ‘Many of the issues that are important to MCAA members are also important to the success of NTLA members. By combining, we have greater resources to advocate for those issues together and to encourage more networking among members of both organizations. Each is dedicated to sharing best practices and innovations and ensuring ever-higher standards of delivery, professional conduct and safety in the same-day delivery industry. NTLA is unique in their use of shippers’ input and involvement in preparing quality education.’

‘The move is a natural one for NTLA,’ adds J.D. Gamble President of NTLA. ‘The MCAA represents the same-day expedited delivery industry while NTLA has been an organization focused on the last-mile sector of the scheduled transportation industry. By combining forces it gives the membership of both organizations access to ‘best-in class’ executive education, advocacy on behalf of the industry and the ability to present the public face of the same-day delivery industry in its most favorable light.’

The Messenger Courier Association of America (MCAA) is the non-profit industry association of, by, and for the courier industry. Since 1987, the MCAA has worked to promote and advance the common interests those engaged in the delivery and logistics industry worldwide through education and advocacy.

NTLA is a representative organization focused on the last-mile sector of the scheduled transportation industry. It members are last-mile couriers, shippers and suppliers to the constituents along the supply chain. Since founded in 1990 by Mark Tuchmann of BeavEx, they have represented those serving processors, wholesalers and distributors.