On April 1, 2009, SAS Cargo launched a new product called EuropeXpress, which is faster and more reliable than most other airfreight products. This is made possible through a more extensive exploitation of SAS’s route network, which counts more than 700 daily flights, and through a simplification of time consuming processes and procedures.

“The innovation is based on a comprehensive survey of our customers’ needs and requirements. They are fed up with waiting for flights, capacity and handling delays, so our job has been to eliminate obstacles that keep the shipment from moving at express speed from origin to destination,” says VP Global Sales, Michael Sandberg, SAS Cargo.

Innovations within EuropeXpress contain the following features: The product is available for shipments of up to 79 kilo with no special handling requirements in order to additionally speed up transfer in handling terminals. Dedicated flights for EuropeXpress prevent peak-hour bottlenecks. All EuropeXpress shipments are forwarded as e-freight without physical paperwork, which can obstruct the transport flow and cause delays. The simple rating system including fuel and security surcharges are now included in kg-prices. And a performance guarantee ensures the utmost reliability.

“With these product specifications we have removed some of the main obstacles for speedy delivery. There are no special handling requirements for documents or cargo. EuropeXpress shipments go straight to and from the booked flight. And direct transfers with VIP ramp treatment eliminate the risk of delay due to mix up with other cargo. In this way our EuropeXpress customers are ensured premium services,” says Michael Sandberg.

Later this year the new express service will be extended to other e-freight destinations in Europe.