Schneider Logistics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., a part of the Schneider National enterprise, announced the company has purchased the key operating assets of BaoYun Logistics in the People’s Republic of China. The investment allows Schneider to further expand its current supply chain consulting and transportation and logistics service offerings. The combined offering now includes transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, third-party logistics and consulting services focused on the domestic Chinese market.

‘We are honored to work with Mr. ZhiHua Yu and BaoYun Logistics to provide transportation and logistics services to customers in China,’ said Chris Lofgren, Chief Executive Officer and President of Schneider National, Inc. ‘We welcome the BaoYun associates into our corporate family and look forward to helping grow their significant transportation and logistics expertise to meet the needs of customers within China’s borders.

‘I am happy that our companies will be working together and creating a Chinese company that leverages proven international systems and practices,’ said Mr. ZhiHua Yu. ‘Schneider’s advanced operating model, innovative technology and leading supply chain practices will help our associates provide more effective results for our customers. Our entire management team looks forward to developing Schneider Logistics in China for many years to come.’

BaoYun Logistics was founded in 1998 by Mr. ZhiHua Yu. It is ranked in the top 100 of all logistics enterprises in China, and is one of the country’s top 30 private logistics enterprises.

Martin Winchell, managing director of Schneider Logistics, China, said that purchasing the operating assets of BaoYun Logistics was an important step in helping the company better serve customers in China. ‘We’re taking very deliberate, strategic steps in China,’ said Winchell. ‘Schneider Logistics (Tianjin) was founded with our intent to operate a number of trucks and provide transportation management for our clients. This transaction will increase our service scope to meet our customer requirements for broader logistics solutions. We see tremendous opportunity in providing services to the domestic market as the economy grows and look forward to delivering the products Chinese consumers need.’