Schneider National’s Eastern Core Intermodal Service offers cost effectiveness, timeliness and reliability competitive to trucks

Shippers in the Eastern United States who are struggling to cut costs without sacrificing service have a new resource with the unveiling of Schneider National’s Eastern Core Intermodal Service. This new alternative to over-the-road transport offers truck like expediency that costs less than traditional van/truckload solutions.

‘Since Schneider has chosen CSX Intermodal (CSXI) as our exclusive Eastern Core intermodal carrier, we’re able to leverage the strength of their network to provide shippers in these traditionally hard-to-serve markets with a cost-effective regional transportation solution,’ said Bill Matheson, president of Schneider’s Intermodal Division.

This traditionally high-cost area not only takes advantage of more cost-effective intermodal service but also timely delivery service. Today’s railroads are moving freight faster. CSXI has recently made dramatic improvements to achieve more efficient terminal fluidity, a key component in delivery speed.

‘In the last three years, we’ve been able to take out 50 percent of the time from when a shipment arrives at our terminals, or the train arrives, and the time that we have it grounded and notified,’ said CSXI president Jim Hertwig during a recent webinar.

Schneider’s service is able to cut down transit times further by integrating its priority placement on CSXI trains with a strong network of power lanes connecting major regional hubs. ‘Schneider Intermodal will move freight from Chicago or the Northeast to Florida in three days or less,’ said Matheson. ‘Going from St. Louis to the Northeast? That’ll take just two.’

The Eastern Core Intermodal Service also offers reliability competitive with that of over-the-road service. With company-owned containers and company-employed dray, Schneider retains greater control than most intermodal providers. Schneider also offers real-time monitoring of their door-to-door service to keep shippers up-to-speed on their shipment’s location. Knowing that the freight is in trusted hands throughout the entire transit period creates priceless peace of mind for shipping managers.

Additionally, opting for the Eastern Core Intermodal Service allows traditional over-the-road shippers to help buffer themselves from imminent fuel price climbs, while also helping them achieve sustainability initiatives. The Eastern Core Intermodal Service offers energy efficiencies that are as much as twice that of truck transportation.

‘We have seen an increased interest in customers looking at transportation as a way they can help their company become more eco-friendly,’ said Matheson. ‘Our intermodal solution is an opportunity for Schneider to offer further resources to help our shippers meet their sustainability needs while cutting costs at the same time.’