BREWERTON, N.Y. - Schneider Packaging is pleased to announce that Greg Masingill will be taking over as Executive Vice President.

 Greg has integrated experience in corporate strategy, sales, marketing, logistics and product development, and worked for Seneca Corp for 15 years. Working his way up the ladder from VP of Sales & Marketing to Sr. Vice President and finally President in 2007.

Under his leadership, Seneca Corp grew to be a $275 million-dollar company with 400 employees. The exponential growth orchestrated by Masingill led to the creation of Seneca’s sister company, Renovate. Following suit, Renovate grew to $175 million in annual revenue over a short 4 year period.

In 2015 Greg traded the corporate life for consulting at Gregor Ventures and became majority owner of Sandler Training’s New York franchise, where he focused his high energy on executive coaching, corporate sales strategy, organizational development, and sales training. 

Greg has worked as a consultant in leadership and staffing at Schneider since 2016, and is excited to bring his innovative strategies and experience to the Executive Vice President role.