By signing a Master Lease Agreement (MLA) with Envirotainer and getting accredited as a Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP), SDV is now fully equipped to handle active temperature-controlled container solutions for international transportation, and by doing so demonstrates its ability to follow the Good Distribution Practices guidance documents in the pharmaceutical industry.

“Anyone could claim to be compliant to Good Storage, Manufacturing and Distribution Practices, but to be fully-certified is a whole new different A-Game,” underlined Jaspar Lim, Quality Manager & Pharmacist at SDV Singapore.

The SDV Healthcare Hub in Singapore already holds two essential certifications for logistics warehousing, namely a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate and also an ISO 13485 certificate. “Led by the SDV Global Core Competence Centre (SDV GCCC*), this new QEP accreditation is a testament of our determination to strengthen a foothold in the pharmaceutical industry in order to be recognized as a worldwide healthcare expert,” pursued Jaspar Lim.

Envirotainer is the global leader in active temperature control for air transportation of temperature-sensitive healthcare products. Their Qualified Envirotainer Provider Training and Quality Program (QEP) was developed to recognize air transport service providers that can properly manage Envirotainer container shipments.

Chris Fore, Compliance Manager at Envirotainer said, “SDV has demonstrated a quality system that meets the highest industry standards. I am impressed with their commitment to training and their willingness to further develop as needed to meet the needs of the industry. We are proud to have SDV as a Partner looking forward to further development of that relationship.”

“SDV found a key partner and our Envirotainer journey does not end here. Other branches within SDV Asia Pacific are about to be accredited (Hong Kong and Melbourne) as well as some more in Europe,” PETREQUIN said. “Indeed, being accredited means one step closer to the GMP fulfilment.” *SDV GCCC: consists of international SDV experts in the Healthcare industry including Jaspar LIM, G Brahmananda SASTRY and Emmanuel PETREQUIN in the Asia Pacific area. The members lead new initiatives within the SDV Healthcare sector in order to be recognized as a global key healthcare partner.