Rotterdam - Since April 2015 Sea-Cargo and Broekman Logistics started a close collaboration. Investments in the past years, such as an the expansion in ship capacity of Sea-Cargo, resulted in this year’s milestone of 2 million tons of transshipments via Rotterdam. In the coming years this will grow with an additional 750.000 ton a year, resulting from a further intensified partnership between Sea-Cargo and Broekman Logistics.

‘The collaboration between Sea-Cargo and Broekman Distriport has resulted in an optimised supply chain solution for our end customers. Investing in employees, processes and automation at our terminal are a perfect example of how we are putting our customers’ need first and preparing for the future. Something which will result in the handling of more tonnage via our terminal' according to Rik Pek, Managing Director Breakbulk Terminals.

‘Sea-Cargo has never regretted moving and consolidating its ‘Continental hub’ to Rotterdam and is full of optimism for further growth. Next to providing the best service for our customers, we are working on an investment program to reduce our carbon footprint so we can deliver a green supply chain for our customers as well’ according to Ole Seavild, Managing Director Sea-Cargo.

Initial starting point for the collaboration was to provide the best possible solution for end customers of Sea-Cargo. By adding Broekman Distriport as a ‘Continental Hub’ to the ‘Continental Gateway’ of Sea-Cargo, the two companies guaranteed a smooth passage to the European hinterland. It particularly concerns industrial loads from Norway with North West Europe as final destination, (reefer) containers and RoRo cargo with customers in the offshore sector. The port of Rotterdam is handling a substantial part of the trade flow with the Scandinavian countries. Incoming goods from Asia are gathered in Rotterdam and directly forwarded to Norway.