Sea Star Line, LLC announced the initial receipt and deployment of its 2005 fleet upgrade. All new refrigerated equipment and the initial group of 53 ft containers have been delivered to Jacksonville and have been integrated into fleet operations. The remaining portion of the three-hundred (300) new containers and one-hundred seventy-five (175) associated chassis are en route and will be fully deployed by August 1.

The new equipment will be comprised as follows: one-hundred 53 ft containers, one-hundred 40 ft containers, fifty 20 ft containers, and fifty 45 ft refrigerated containers ’ with the new chassis allotted proportionally.

“We are excited about this fleet upgrade,” said Andy Rooks, Sea Star Line director of logistics. “In addition to making Sea Star’s fleet the youngest in the trade, this upgrade makes our fleet the most durable and dependable.” Rooks described some of the features included on the new 53 ft. containers; flooring made of reinforced, urethane-coated, apitong hardwood ’ the strongest flooring available in the marine trade; side panels constructed of the highest quality Corten Steel; and doors equipped with anti-theft locking hardware for increased security. “Our equipment investment decisions are driven by customer needs and our commitment to service ’ this puts us squarely at the forefront.”