As part of its long term program related to chassis utilization, commencing Monday, June 2, 2014, Sea Star Line will introduce a new chassis program for shipments moving to and from the Southeast United States. Effective June 2nd, Sea Star Line will no longer provide chassis. Sea Star Line has partnered with Flexi-Van Leasing, Inc. to provide shippers, consignees, or their agents (motor carriers) with chassis directly.

“The decision was made to expand the chassis program because it supports our service commitment to the trade, while positioning us for the future.” stated Jim Wagstaff, vice president of operations for Sea Star Line, LLC.

Implementation of this new chassis program will increase terminal efficiency, improve overall cargo transport safety, and reduce the environmental footprint of container shipping. Additional benefits include quicker trucker turn times, increased availability of equipment, and improved motor carrier velocity - all of which contribute to higher productivity and a positive impact to driver’s hours of service.

Sea Star Line has carefully evaluated the impact of this change and believes it will improve service levels and customer satisfaction. Previous changes in the Northeast, Midwest and Puerto Rico have resulted in positive customer experiences.