Seacastle’Chassis announced that it has changed its name to “Trac Intermodal”. According to Steve Rubin, President and CEO of TRAC’Intermodal, the new name and identity reflect the evolution of the Company’s market strategy in a very dynamic intermodal industry.

“The TRAC Intermodal name reflects both our heritage as the leading chassis leasing company and the current expansion of our operating capabilities and product offerings” commented Mr. Rubin. “We will continue to strive to exceed our customers’‘'expectations through innovation in the areas of efficiency and safety. TRAC Intermodal will represent excellence in chassis equipment, management, technology and services.”

TRAC Intermodal is the world’s largest provider of marine and domestic chassis operating throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The Company’s operations include long term leasing, short term rentals through extensive neutral pool programs and pool/fleet management through the utilization of the Company’s proprietary PoolStat’ system. TRAC Intermodal’s active fleet consists of approximately 245,000 chassis and containers.