SEKO, a global provider of freight forwarding, technology and logistics solutions, says its unique freight forwarding business model, based on local strategic partnerships, has proven successful in meeting and exceeding international customer demands and increasing 2004 global sales.

In the past twelve months, SEKO has introduced its brand into 60 new countries. As a result, the organization’s global sales have increased more than 40% over the previous year and interest in its business model has drawn the attention of business centers worldwide. ‘Our investment in technology, people and products has expanded our service capabilities to our existing client base,’ stated William J. Wascher, President and CEO of SEKO. ‘It has also given us the opportunity to attract the support of new clients looking for a fresh approach to solving their most challenging supply chain needs

“We made a commitment two years ago to adapt our global business model to the ever changing dynamics of world trade and its inherent supply chain changes,” said Wascher. “Today’s clients are looking for a solution with a single global brand, flawless operational performance and customer-friendly tools that allow for seamless data and communications interface. SEKO’s solution is a strategic partnership network with well established transportation and logistics providers around the globe, which combines local business and culture knowledge with the SEKO brand, operating standards and very soon our Web-based global supply chain system.”

Stephen J. Russell, President of SEKO Global Logistics added, “I have worked with Fortune 1000 clients for over thirty years, and their logistics professionals consistently emphasize the need for the infrastructure and reach of a large multi-national forwarder, but also stress the desire for the personal touch and service a local supplier can provide. SEKO offers both. We have the desk level enthusiasm and commitment you receive from a local entrepreneur that is familiar with local business practices and culture, and we have the reach and tools of any of the major multi-national companies.”

In early 2005, SEKO will roll out a completely new Web-based operating system throughout its global network that will permit all SEKO facilities around the globe to function on the same operating platform. The Web-based tools will be available to customers anywhere in the world with a PC-based backroom or remote Internet connection. The system will allow for single or multiple reference tracking for customers from time of order placement right through delivery to the end user. It will vastly reduce shipment errors; enhance the distribution process and Internet tracking of products, while enabling quicker and more seamless electronic processing of all shipment documentation via timely, integrated supply chain visibility.

“2005 will be a very exciting year for SEKO as we expand and develop further,” said Wascher. “We are finding that a great many experienced logistics personnel and customers around the world are seeking to become a part of our growing global transportation and logistics network. This global logistics network is dedicated to serving international clients with innovative customer-focused solutions for their specific shipping requirements - requirements that are often not offered by larger freight forwarding firms. By providing a localized, hands-on approach to freight transportation and logistics solutions, the addition of new worldwide offices and the implementation of our fully integrated global Web-based operating system, SEKO anticipates continued expansion of its global reach and further success with our expanding client base.”