Facilities provide flexible logistics solutions for increasing European customer base

SEKO, a global provider of freight forwarding and logistics solutions, has extended its global presence by opening a new office in the bustling Benelux region of Europe that is becoming a growing distribution hub.

The SEKO-Benelux office provides full-service freight forwarding operations and customs brokerage services for this centrally located transportation hub in Europe, which consists of three countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. Between them, the three countries, in close proximity to one another, make the Benelux region a central place for many European Distribution Centers (EDCs). The new SEKO-Benelux operation is headquartered in Amsterdam, with operations throughout the region.

“The Benelux region of Europe is an important transportation center,” said William J. Wascher, president & CEO of SEKO. “Due to the area’s central location, proximity to ocean ports and airfreight facilities, as well as its tremendous trade and customs history, our presence in Benelux will enable SEKO to play an increasingly strategic role in the Europe marketplace.”

SEKO-Benelux exemplifies the Company’s strategic partner business model, in which independent contractors combine local business and cultural know-how to customer-focused supply chain solutions that are crucial to customer satisfaction. Keeping in line with SEKO’s growing global customer base and increasing shipper demand for single-source worldwide logistics services, the Benelux office handles all logistics needs, including air transport, ocean transport, warehousing/distribution, cross-docking and customs clearance services.

Bob van der Putten serves as the Managing Director of SEKO-Benelux. Before joining SEKO, van der Putten held management positions both at EGL for four years, and at Circle, where he worked for nine years. Van der Putten’s latest position, prior to becoming Managing Director at SEKO-Benelux, was branch manager for EGL in

Amsterdam. Van der Putten brings extensive logistics management experience, local cultural knowledge, and global expertise to the SEKO-Benelux office.

“SEKO-Benelux has the location and personnel necessary to handle freight forwarding and other logistics needs in a timely and cost efficient manor,” stated van der Putten. “Our operating offices are located in major areas of transport, including the Schipol airport in Amsterdam, the ocean port in Rotterdam, and the international airport in Brussels, Belgium, which is known for its freight capabilities and low handling costs. This new operation caters to many different logistics needs. Our local knowledge and expertise provide our customers with top-level service, and all of the personnel at SEKO-Benelux exhibit the flexibility necessary to create solutions to any logistics problems that may occur.”