From April 1, 2008 Senator Lines will be represented in the Alpine region by CTO Shipping Agencies AG, located in Basel.

This agency, with 32 years of experience in the maritime industry, will thus be taking over the work of Senator’s previous representative, MAT Marine AGENCIES AG, with the aim to build up a strong commercial position in Switzerland.

Both companies - Senator Lines being primarily a Europe/Asia specialist - have plans to further strengthen the carrier’s market position in this classical freight-forwarder influenced country.

“We are confident that the concept presented by CTO will successfully lead to a rapid expansion of import and export business in this region of the European market. A market that has historically been very relevant to us”, emphasized Jens Philippi, Director Commercial Management, during the contractual ceremony in Basel with CTO Shipping Agencies AG. “We are sure that we shall soon show a considerably higher presence in this region as a partner in freight forwarding”.

CTO is pleased about the upcoming cooperation: “Our longstanding experience as well as the existing business contacts will be of benefit for the higher presence of Senator Lines in Switzerland. As competent partners we will offer qualified solutions, being efficient, flexible and neutral for the freight forwarding and shipping industry.’