At an extraordinary general meeting held on November 26th 2010 in Brussels, the shareholders of traditional intermodal transport operator ICF Intercontainer-Interfrigo SA, Basel, decided that to place the company into liquidation.

Joan Dubaere, Lawyer of the Belgian Lawyers Racine and Vergels in Brussels has been named as liquidator. As a result of the liquidation, ICF Managing Director Bart Van der Cruysse has resigned but stays involved in the development of the way forwards for the different businesses.

145 ICF block trains/shuttles are running throughout Europe. Operating and marketing services of these traffics are managed by the Business Units West, East and CIS. Primary target of the liquidation is to transfer the Business Units and their transport services and their staff as complete as possible and without loss of customers to interested parties. Therefore, the liquidator decided to continue operating the ICF block train/shuttle services for the time being, which makes a transfer of the services much easier.

The negotiations of the transfer of ICF Business Units are ongoing. The success of these negotiations will determine how many jobs are cancelled.