Today, Energy Observer is scheduled on Thursday, February 10 to announce a new zero-emissions cargo ship at the One Ocean Summit in Brest, France. The Ship It Zero coalition applauds the announcement of a new vessel type and calls on Walmart, Target, Amazon and IKEA to use this moment to move their business to ocean shipping carriers that can offer zero emission shipping solutions.

For over a year, an unprecedented number of fossil-fueled cargo ships have been clogging U.S. ports, dumping egregious levels of asthma and cancer-causing air pollutants into nearby port  neighborhoods. Meanwhile, this announcement continues to prove that the technology to solve this problem is within grasp. 

The coalition applauded the announcement of zero-emissions shipping technology and called on big retailers to adopt zero-emissions shipping now. The coalition is pushing big retailers such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, and IKEA to work with international shipping companies to take immediate action to abandon fossil-fueled ships, and lead the way to a healthy, climate-friendly business model by committing to ship products on zero-emissions ships this decade.

Statement from Madeline Rose, Climate Campaign Director, Pacific Environment:

Now is the time for big retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon and IKEA to demand zero emission options from their primary shipping partners -- or move their business elsewhere. Today’s Energy Observer 2 announcement shows that the technology for zero emission cargo shipping is available, so it’s time retailers ask: what else are shipping companies possibly doing with their unprecedented pandemic profits in the decade of climate emergency if not aggressively reducing their pollution and buying new zero emission ships?

Statement from Kendra Ulrich, Shipping Campaigns Director,

“It's inspiring to see more and more zero-emissions cargo ships being built and prove that this massive technical revolution is finally here. But if international shipping truly wants to address its enormous pollution problem and have a fighting chance to meet global climate goals this decade, it's all hands on deck for ports, retailers, and cargo carriers to work together.. Major retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and IKEA must demand immediate emissions reductions and the rapid implementation of true zero-emissions technologies  from the cargo shipping companies they work with. While it's promising that a major carrier like CMA-CGM is involved in assessing the commercial viability of these recent efforts, it cannot be overlooked that they also have massive investments in false climate solutions like LNG-powered ships, which will only worsen the climate crisis.”