Shippers Warehouse, Inc. secures major contract award from a large privately-owned company, in this case a household goods manufacturer, to operate their regional distribution center for the west coast market. The distribution center will be located in Rialto, California. Shippers Warehouse has managed fulfillment and distribution for this manufacturer in Texas for many years. Establishing this business in Southern California adds an important dimension to the Shippers Warehouse network of facilities, which already includes Atlanta, Chicago, and multiple locations (6) in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

“Once again, we are proud to strengthen a customer relationship by expanding service into an additional market to better serve their needs. Our customer gains reliably superior service in a geographic market that is especially important to them. And Shippers Warehouse becomes even better able to deliver on the nationwide supply chain solutions demanded by our growing and dynamic customer base,” said Ken Johnson, President & CEO of Shippers Warehouse, Inc.