TRAFFIX, which is celebrating its 43rd anniversary as a North American logistics provider, recently surpassed $1 Billion in revenue. To support its continued North American growth strategy, TRAFFIX is expanding the depth of its Executive Suite. These new EVP roles will ensure a level of performance and quality that shippers have come to expect from the TRAFFIX brand across all business units.

"We are thrilled to welcome Scott, Greg and Jeremy to the executive team and look forward to continuing to grow the TRAFFIX brand with them", said Daniel Snow, Managing Partner at TRAFFIX. "TRAFFIX' future has never been brighter. The growth of our executive team is directly correlated to the company's success. We are fortunate to have such strong leadership candidates from within our own team".

With the cost of goods increasing and challenges facing shippers relating to fuel costs and capacity shortages, TRAFFIX strives to provide value to its clients while making a positive impact on their businesses. The promotion of Greg, Jeremy and Scott to the executive team will give all TRAFFIX' branches access to their expertise. Their leadership will provide additional emphasis on customizable and solution-based services that help overcome obstacles in the client's supply chain.

"Over the past several years TRAFFIX has experienced rapid growth and extensive expansion to all segments of our business. The addition of Greg, Scott and Jeremy to the executive team provides us not only with the very positive impact of support, but also the ability to offer an even higher level of service to all our customers", said Caleb Boyd, Regional Branch Director overseeing TRAFFIX' Dallas and Nashville branches. "Jeremy, Scott and Greg are extremely customer focused and this makes their promotions a great asset to our entire network".