The Port of Corpus Christi has been selected by Siemens Power Generation division to facilitate the receipt and transfer of windmill equipment to their project sites in Amarillo and near Big Spring, Texas. Port staff and senior management with Gulf Stream Marine had been in negotiations with Siemens for the Port of Corpus Christi to serve as the port of import for Texas in support of their Wildorado and Sweetwater projects.

“Last week the State of Texas made a major commitment of $10 billion to renewable energy production and we are proud to support such industry through the Port of Corpus Christi,” said Ruben Bonilla, Chairman of the Port of Corpus Christi.

The port is expecting approximately 16-20 vessels, one ship every 10 days with components for nine complete windmill units. Components will be staged off cargo dock 8 and shipped out by truck via I-37 to the job sites in Big Spring and Amarillo at a rate of 5 or 6 complete units per week. Each unit will require 15 trucks of which 8 are super heavy loads with each windmill weighing 352 tons.

“Siemens Power Generation maintains 16 global manufacturing facilities and a worldwide team of more than 31,000 professional engineers, technicians, mechanical specialists and support personnel. And with 200-plus offices in nearly 80 countries, Siemens Power Generation is there for new technology, service maintenance or any unexpected emergency that might arise,” said Clare Bertel, Siemens Transportation Coordinator.

Over the last four years, the port has moved thousands of pieces of military equipment efficiently and rapidly across Cargo Dock 8. The proven capability of this large and open terminal was a key ingredient for being selected by Siemens as their new port of import for Texas for this valuable outsized cargo. “The Port of Corpus Christi has long been recognized as a petroleum energy capital and as we expand our energy products to include coal gasification, liquified natural gas and now wind power generation components we are well positioned to meet the diverse energy needs of America,” said Ruben Bonilla, Chairman of the Port of Corpus Christi.