Averitt Express, Canadian Freightways/Epic Express, DATS Trucking, Inc., Lakeville Motor Express, Land Air Express, and PITT OHIO EXPRESS have come together to form The Reliance Network

Six carriers, known for their exceptional customer service, dependable on-time delivery records and strong reputation within their own territories, have formed The Reliance Network. This new alliance will provide seamless, across the continent, LTL, truckload and supply chain freight services.

With more than 285 years of collective experience, the alliance companies are world-class transportation solutions providers that are collaborating to establish a seamlessly integrated network to further strengthen their across the continent services to North American customers.

The carriers in the new network are:

  • Averitt Express (South & Southeastern US)
  • Canadian Freightways/Epic Express (Canada)
  • DATS Trucking (West)
  • Lakeville Motor Express (Midwest)
  • Land Air Express of New England (New England)
  • PITT OHIO EXPRESS (Mid-Atlantic and Central States)

Instead of managing shipments with multiple carriers to service their regional, national and worldwide shipping needs, customers can work directly with their local Reliance Network member. Shippers now have the value of a strong chain of experienced transportation specialists while continuing to work with the provider they’ve already grown to trust.

“The Reliance Network offers our customers the benefit of a single-source provider for all of their North American freight shipping needs,” said Charles L. Hammel, III, Pitt Ohio’s President. “No matter where their freight is going, our transportation alliance is capable of adding value to our customer’s supply chain through the flexible and personal service of regional carriers who, together, can provide world-class coverage across the continent.”

Made up of strong, regional carriers, The Reliance Network erases the borders of each carrier’s regional boundaries, creating a unified across the continent coalition for all freight services.

Benefits The Reliance Network carriers can provide to customers include:

  • A single-source provider with 100% coverage of the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • More consistent transit times
  • The convenience of working with their trusted local transportation specialist to manage all of their door-to-door shipping needs rather than managing multiple carriers
  • Seamless coverage through hundreds of service centers across the continent
  • Expertise and exceptional customer service from more than 15,000 team members
  • Reliable transportation resources and efficient equipment, including more than 25,000 trucks and trailers
  • Complete, real-time shipment visibility from origin to final destination
  • Secure data management
  • Accurate administrative processes with full service PRO number tracking, tracing and invoicing capabilities

“This new alliance will leverage the superior synergies of six financially strong regional transportation companies into a seamless network serving the entire North American shipping community,” said Pete Martin, President of Lakeville Motor Express. “The Reliance Network is a fantastic opportunity for customers across the continent to use companies they already know and trust to expand their transportation reach.”