, the technology provider behind Logistics Orchestration®, today unveiled its Booking and Allocation Management solution for logistics service providers (LSPs). The new offering streamlines ocean booking execution, matches vendor demand to carrier supply and delivers a comprehensive view of carrier performance empowering LSPs with insights in an environment of reduced certainty and increased volatility.

Recent global disruptions have exposed longstanding weaknesses in ocean logistics processes and communications. LSPs are trying to manage the chaos of a global shipping supply chain that is perpetually stuck in peak season while ocean freight carriers provide little insight into the process and lack accountability when delays occur.

Powered by the Logistics Orchestration® platform, Booking and Allocation Management by allows logisticians to stop managing global value chains by email and spreadsheet – accelerating, streamlining, and automating processes while improving timeliness, data quality and transparency within a single system of record. It allows LSPs to navigate the perpetual peak season by juggling shifting schedules and quickly matching limited carrier capacity to customer freight.

“There’s never been a time like this in global logistics,” said Chris Kirchner, Founder, Chairman and CEO of “Recent events have exposed the urgent need to fix broken ocean booking processes and ensure that carriers are held accountable for their performance. With Booking and Allocation Management, Slync’s clients are already seeing that they can save time, reduce risk, and expand operational capacity.”

Booking and Allocation Management by is already helping leading LSPs reduce manual reporting efforts by 75%, accelerate transaction times by 45% and save more than 15 minutes per booking transaction. Additional benefits include a dramatic reduction in errors by automating manual data entry, and increased agility and adaptability to shifting capacity constraints and market changes.

By digitizing the ocean carrier booking process, offers LSPs a better view into what’s really happening across their end-to-end logistics operations so they can identify, assess and respond to operational impacts in real-time while driving greater accountability across carrier networks.