Certification of active RFID tags and readers allows commercial deployment of Savi’s Real-Time supply chain solutions in Asia

Savi Technology has become certified by the South Korean Government to use the 433.92 MHz radio frequency band for active RFID tags and readers.

The decision by the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) supports the ISO 18000-7 (International Standardization Organization) standard operating at the 433.92 MHz frequency, and enables deployment of Savi’s RFID-based solutions in this regionally and strategically important supply chain region. South Korea, one of Asia’s largest trading partners with the United States, ships about 900,000 teus between the countries annually.

Specifically, MIC granted certification for the Savi Tag ST-654, a high performance, data-rich active RFID tag with transmission ranges up to 300 feet suited for various applications including tracking shipping containers, vehicles and other large assets; and, the Savi Fixed Reader SR-650, a highly reliable data collection system for real-time, end-to-end visibility of goods and critical assets moving through the supply chain. These products are based on proven technology Savi has deployed globally for more than a decade, and can be seamlessly integrated with Savi’s SmartChain’ Enterprise platform and Savi’s software applications for a number of supply chain solutions, including Asset Management, Transportation Security, Consignment Management and Chemical Chain of Custody.

Certification of Savi’s active RFID hardware products is a significant step in supporting global ISO standards for RFID technology and real-time supply chain solutions to the South Korean market. “The South Korean market recognizes the value of RFID as a core technology, and this certification facilitates our ability to help bring innovative solutions to this region that can make the supply chain more efficient and secure,” said Fraser Jennings, Savi’s Vice President of Standards and Regulatory Affairs.

“South Korea’s certification of Savi’s hardware products demonstrates the ongoing international acceptance of the ISO 18000-7 standard for RFID devices operating at 433.92MHz,” added Jennings. “International recognition of the ISO 18000-7 standard enables greater network wide visibility, value and security of shipments transported through the extended global supply chain.”