Hundreds of Indian apparel manufacturers and US importers will meet at the second annual Sourcing Apparel—India Expo at the Penn Plaza Pavilion in New York City June 8 and 9, 2005. The expo will offer a wide range of manufacturer exhibits as well as seminars on issues affecting US-India textile and apparel trade. The event is being co-sponsored by customs and international trade law firm Sandler, Travis, & Rosenberg, P.A. and India’s Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC), an agency affiliated with the Indian government’s Ministry of Textiles.

“The Sourcing Apparel—India Expo is the largest gathering of India apparel manufacturers in the United States,” said Thomas Travis, managing partner of ST&R. “Among the exhibitors will be the leading Indian apparel products exporters. The event provides a unique opportunity for U.S. apparel importers to meet personally with India’s top full package, private label and CMT manufacturers and view the latest designs in men’s, women’s and children’s clothing all under one roof.”

In addition to networking with exhibitors, expo attendees will be able to participate in three seminars that will explore key aspects of sourcing textile and apparel production in India. Nicole Bivens Collinson, ST&R Vice President for Trade Negotiations and Legislative Affairs, will address US trade policy and its impact on sourcing decisions. Her remarks will focus on how to take advantage of new strategic sourcing opportunities in a post-quota world, understanding how the proliferation of free trade agreements and preference programs is changing the industry, and planning now for emerging markets. ST&R Senior Member Beth Ring will speak on textile enforcement issues and how to ensure compliance with strict US rules and regulations.

Another important seminar will be given by Ken Mizera, Vice President of TradeCard, who will discuss ways to use technology to optimize trade with the Pacific Rim. TradeCard supports a Web-based ecosystem of buyers, suppliers, financial institutions, logistics providers and other service providers, which automates trade transactions in order to increase operational tempo, efficiency and vendor consolidation strategies. The system is available for use with suppliers across the Indian subcontinent, and Mizera will describe how to use it and other best practices to improve the profitability of trade with India today. Key topics will include quickly establishing collaborative processes with new and old suppliers as well as improving cash flow, credit and transaction efficiency.

Admission to the Sourcing Apparel—India Expo and the seminars is free. For more information or to register for the Expo, visit or contact Marina Makanova at, 202-216-9307.