On-time, claim-free deliveries among all-time highs in trucking company’s performance measurements

Southeastern Freight Lines has been expanding services and setting all-time company records.

The company has traditionally led the less-than-truckload (LTL) industry in service performance goals for on-time and claim-free deliveries, and these are just two of many service goals that Southeastern is continuing to improve upon even in today’s challenging environment.

So far this year, the company meets its scheduled delivery 99.2% of the time, exceeding the company record of 98.95% of last year. In addition, the company averages 455 shipments before a claim for damage is filed, exceeding the company’s record of 345 shipments per claim last year. The company is also setting records in driver safety, pickup and delivery (P&D) cost, dock efficiency and load average.

‘The foundation of Southeastern’s success is trusted and reliable service, and this is achieved first and foremost through our commitment to our employees,’ said Mike Heaton, a senior vice president for Southeastern. ‘We attribute this success to excellent employee morale, which is at an all-time high.’

Last fall, Southeastern executives developed a ‘Keep Our People Working Task Force’ to determine how the company could continue its practice of never laying off an employee. Strategies include finding creative ways to give everyone enough hours as well as reducing expenses ’ all conducted with a commitment to not erode customer service.

Heaton said that the company is committed to avoiding layoffs and is perhaps the only company to avoid layoffs in the LTL trucking industry. Employees recognize and appreciate the company’s commitment, resulting in an even greater focus on operational excellence and customer service goals. ‘The company’s leadership founded the company almost 60 years ago on the core value of being committed to our employees, knowing that in turn, they will take care of our customers. That heritage continues to benefit our company and customers today,’ he said.