The industry’s first modular trailer management solution expands to offer faster installation options, wireless sensor capabilities, and adds volumetric capabilities to the IntelliScan cargo sensor

Spireon, the Vehicle Intelligence Company, is introducing the next generation of the FL Flex suite of products and IntelliScan cargo sensor under its FleetLocate product line. The updated line of Flex devices provides ultimate flexibility with options that are faster to install with more power options, are wireless sensor-capable, and have an integrated cargo sensor. The enhanced next generation IntelliScan cargo sensor adds volumetric capabilities to provide actionable information on available trailer floor space.

“We believe in outfitting our trailers with top-of-the-line technology. In 2017 we were one of the first companies to utilize FL Flex’s breakthrough modular design, which supported a variety of sensors and configurations. As our business needs have changed, Spireon’s expanded Flex product line gives us added flexibility for even more use cases, so we can continue to provide our customers with comprehensive trailer data,” said Jim AuBuchon, CEO, Premier Trailer Leasing.

The new Flex suite includes a covert option available with wireless sensors, and new options for an integrated solar panel and IntelliScan cargo sensor. Flex products can be paired with various wired and wireless sensor options including door sensor, PSI ATIS, PSI TPMS, and temperature probe. This latest generation of trailer management devices works on all types of trailers and has options that can be installed in as little as 10 minutes on empty or loaded trailers, making customization easier and faster than before.

“Our focus continues to be on innovation, and we keep our customers’ needs in mind as we are developing new solutions,” said Kevin Weiss Spireon CEO.  “We were the first to introduce a 99%-accurate IntelliScan cargo sensor, and now we’ve expanded on that technology, teaching it to solve more complex operational challenges for our customers.”

Built on Spireon’s IntelliScan sensing technology, the new volumetric-capable sensor enables trailer managers to see not only if the trailer is loaded or unloaded with 99% accuracy, but what percent of trailer floor space is still available for loading. It uses state of the art optical recognition and artificial intelligence technology to provide operations managers with a more precise picture of what’s inside every trailer. This enables better optimization of trailer floor space, increases backhaul opportunities, and improves trailer utilization.  The next generation IntelliScan is mounted in the rear of the trailer allowing maximum visibility to the interior when loaded nose to rear providing images of an entire 53-foot trailer.

“We see lots of advantages to having this sensor mounted in the rear of the trailer,” said James Johannesson, president Magnum Less-Than-Truckload. “Not only do we know if the trailer is loaded or empty, but we can use the images and remaining floor space reporting to train our dock workers on loading best practices.”