Scandinavian air cargo handling company, Spirit, inaugurated a new terminal in Gothenburg, Sweden. The new facilities more than double existing handling capacity from 70.000 tons to 170.000 annually. Spirit Gothenburg handles inbound and outbound cargo for more than 30 airlines led by SAS Cargo, United Arab Emirates Skycargo , Lufthansa Cargo, Asiana Cargo and Finnair Cargo, and for years capacity restrictions have prevented further growth. Now the situation is reversed and Spirit Gothenburg is ready to attract new business.

“Gothenburg is an ideally located hub for airfreight to and from Scandinavia. We are situated right in the middle of the triangle connecting Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm, which means that all Scandinavian capitals can be reached by truck within 3-5 hours. The area around Gothenburg has a high concentration of importing and exporting industries. And unlike most other European airports Landvetter has no slot restrictions. Airlines can basically come and go as they like,” says Claes Runstr’m, Spirit’s Cargo Handling Manager in Gothenburg.

In the new terminal, Spirit Gothenburg gets the additional advantage of extra storage capacity and an automated ETV system with 100 positions for storing air cargo pallets. Aircraft park right beside the terminal and Swedish customs are housed in the same building, which means that there is little or no down time and bottlenecks once the shipments are in Spirit’s custody.

Sprit Gothenburg offers a full palette of handling services for goods and documents including e-freight and special handling of eg. dangerous goods, valuables and live animals, etc, Another new building built by the Airport authority offers a’ Border Inspection Point (BIP) for animals and food, and the airport is approved for handling large animals like horses.

Facts and Figures:

  • New 5 000 m2 cargo handling terminal
  • Handling capacity of up to 170 000 tons cargo p.a.
  • Automated ETV system for storage of air cargo pallets. The ETV system offers 100 pallet positions equaling the contents of two jumbo jets.
  • Servicing a total of 30 airlines
  • Experienced and highly competent staff of approximately 100 persons.
  • Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Subsidiary of Spirit Air Cargo Handling with terminals in Bergen, Billund, Bod’, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Kristiansand, Malm’, Oslo, Stavanger, Stockholm, Troms’ and Trondheim.
  • Spirit Air Cargo handling is wholly owned by SAS Cargo Group