This week the Biden-Harris Administration previewed its American Jobs Plan, proposing to invest over $2.2 trillion to spur and support economic recovery. Included is $621 billion for built-infrastructure transportation improvements, such as investment in roads, bridges, rail, ports, and airports. Speaking from Pittsburgh, President Biden called the plan a “once in a generation investment in America,” and spoke about the necessity of investing for our nation’s future economic competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors Executive Director Elaine Nessle offered the following statement:

“For two decades, our Coalition has spoken about the need for increased investment in the nation’s multimodal freight network. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that need, drawing attention to the impacts supply chain disruptions have on the lives of all Americans, and also the national economy. The Biden-Harris Administration is proposing an unprecedented level of infrastructure investment under the American Jobs Plan. While the levels may be unprecedented, they are not unjustified. Based on demonstrated freight infrastructure needs alone, CAGTC is calling for a minimum annual investment of $12 billion in multimodal goods movement infrastructure through a merit-based, competitive approach. Consistent with the American Jobs Plan’s goals to facilitate economic recovery and workforce development, federal investments in our multimodal freight system act as an economic multiplier, supporting economic growth and competitiveness as well as job creation for years to come.

Our Coalition looks forward to working with the Administration and the 117th Congress in their efforts to provide current and future generations with the economic advantage of world-class supply chain infrastructure.”