CargoSphere, the leading, cloud-based global rate management solution and confidential Rate Mesh network for the ocean and air transportation and logistics industries, has announces Steam Logistics’ rapid implementation of the CargoSphere system and ROI (return on investment). Within 3 months, Steam Logistics’ Pricing Team was sending out all quotes, for all transportation modes, and achieving a 20% quote conversion rate. Using CargoSphere’s real-time reports, Steam tracked quote conversions to determine the significant ROI impact of the CargoSphere system on their business. Steam Logistics is a global logistics service provider providing ocean and air freight transportation services, forwarding, and customs house brokerage. It is an affiliate of Access America Transport, a third party logistics provider.

“As a new member of the NCBFAASA (The National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America-Shipper’s Association, Inc.), Steam moved quickly to implement CargoSphere’s rate management and networking solution to receive confidential rates directly from us. NCBFAASA members have been using CargoSphere for more than 10 years with great success,” said, Debbie Crowe, Manager of Member Services, NCBFAASA, Inc. “We are delighted Steam Logistics is using the CargoSphere Rate Mesh, our network of choice, and benefitting from our longstanding relationship and excellent reputation with the carrier community.”

Steve Smith, Vice President, Customs Brokerage, Steam Logistics, said, “Implementation of the CargoSphere system was so easy, anyone could do it. We are already seeing high-value from using CargoSphere. Each month we increase the number of professional, branded quotes sent out, and as we do we’re seeing a greater return on our investment using CargoSphere. I am especially pleased with the professionalism of these quotes and their interactive capability which streamlines communication and processing.”

“Steam’s team was well-organized and knew what they wanted to achieve which helped expedite implementation of the CargoSphere system. We are pleased their sales funnel is robust and they’re realizing the pricing visibility they desired,” noted Neil Barni, President of CargoSphere.