Steel exports increased in November compared to October by 2.2 percent according to government data.’ ‘Despite a decline in shipments to the US’s largest export markets, Canada and Mexico, exports rose in November due to increased exports to the EU and non-NAFTA Western Hemisphere countries, said David Phelps, president, AIIS.

Total steel exports in 2010 continued to run ahead of 2009 by 32.6 percent.’ ‘The improvement in exports year to date 2010 is primarily due to increased shipments to our NAFTA and other Western Hemispheric partners, as well as the EU.’ We expect these markets to continue to offer good opportunities in 2011.’ Exports to Asia, notwithstanding strong growth in many countries, are down 3.1 percent, largely due to declines in exports to China,’ concluded Phelps.

Total Steel exports in November 2010 were 1,017 thousand tons compared to 995 thousand tons in October 2010, a 2.2% increase, and a 8.7% increase compared to November 2009. According to year-to-date figures, exports increased’32.6% compared to 2009 or from 8. 4 million tons in 2009 to 11.1 million tons in 2010.