Conventional manual picking of crates and cartons is inefficient, wastes valuable time and labor resources, is not ergonomic, requires heavy lifting and repetitive tasks and leads to inaccuracies and higher costs. Stoecklin Logistics, a supplier of innovative supply chain solutions, is addressing these challenges with a new robotic case picker, called CO-PRO, for temperature controlled environments, being introduced at 2021 ProMat DX this week.

The Stoecklin CO-PRO automatically moves cases, crates and cartons directly from pallets to a conveyor or robotic system, eliminating labor for picking operations. Its patented universal gripper holds up to 66 pounds and the loadhandler is flexible enough to transfer multiple units for higher throughput. It’s a scalable solution and is easy to install in new and existing warehouses or processing facilities.

“As the volume of cases in the extended cold chain continues to grow, companies will need to have even more automation in their fulfillment systems to effectively and economically move orders from processing and distribution centers through to stores and customers. Stoecklin’s CO-PRO addresses one of the biggest pain points in the product handling flow by eliminating most labor from and simplifying the fulfillment process, resulting in faster throughput and fewer errors,” said Danilo Potocnik, Head of Sales US and Canada at Stoecklin.