The cloud-based platform saves users up to 70% of data input time and helps brands and retailers meet their sustainability goals

Supply Chain Software as a Service (SaaS) provider Topo is saving users up to 70% in inputting time as it celebrates ten years of developing low code collaboration, automation, and analytical solutions.

The Topo platform now supports users in over 40 countries, including retailers, brands, their suppliers, and service providers, to monitor a product’s journey from sourcing to product development, ordering, and production.

The low code solution also gives visibility over supplier compliance and enables quality, chemical, and sustainability management for supply chain due diligence.

“Ten years ago, we set out to build a low code solution that would enable genuine supply chain collaboration for organisations of all sizes,” said Benjamin Eberle, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Topo.

“We now support users in over 40 countries to build customised solutions and run more efficient, compliant, sustainable supply chains without the need to hire IT teams or outsource development to a third party.

“We encourage users to think in terms of the only limit being their imagination because they can build the user interfaces, templates, and apps that their supply chain needs and save time and money.”

Topo’s low code solution enables users with no formal knowledge of coding to use visual interfaces with simple drag and drop features instead of having to be trained in formal coding languages.

The platform has continuously evolved since its launch in 2012 to include features such as business intelligence and data analytics, automated workflows, instant communication, GPS tracking of factories, and custom alerts.

Most recently, following an integration with global trade association amfori, it can provide users with social-related supply chain information, ranging from basic supplier data to detailed information on suppliers’ overseas factories.

It also gives access to compliance information such as certificate numbers, expiration dates, and live data about the outcomes of different audit types.

“Supply chain compliance is no longer only a box-ticking exercise to please the regulators,” said Tobias Grabler, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Topo.

“Market expectations now also dictate that companies must prove their sustainable credentials, from environmental concerns to being free of misconduct.

“It is an ongoing job, with organisations needing to meet or exceed the rapidly evolving expectations of their stakeholders, from sourcing to manufacturing and delivery.

“Topo is supporting companies across the globe to achieve their supply chain sustainability goals.”

The Topo team continues to expand to meet growing demand for the platform and later this year Topo will open its first office in the USA as part of ongoing growth plans.