Cleo, the global leader in Ecosystem Integration software and provider of the Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform used by over 500 Logistics & Transportation firms, today announced it will host a free, virtual conference about Ecosystem Integration technology on Tuesday, April 27, 11:00 a.m. - 4:30 pm Central Time (U.S.).

The conference will feature industry experts discussing modern integration challenges businesses have overcome, as well as product demos, a Keynote with Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan, and a deep dive into the biggest trends impacting the global logistics & transportation industry. Featuring a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions, with open Q&A and plenty of networking opportunities, the event will be broken into three tracks:

  • Growing Your Business
  • Common Industry Trends & Integration Use Cases
  • APIs Are Coming: Are You Ready?

“We’re hosting this conference to show how Cleo Integration Cloud for Logistics & Transportation helps companies combat supply chain volatility through secure, cloud-based integration technology. Organizations need visibility and control to capitalize on today’s eCommerce boom and drive lasting business value,” said Tushar Patel, chief marketing officer with Cleo. “Our latest survey showed 82% of Logistics and Transportation companies are planning on migrating their integration solutions to the cloud. The challenging socio-economic climate of 2020 raised everyone’s awareness of the weak spots in B2B supply chains; now is the time to address these problems once and for all, and Cleo’s Ecosystem Integration approach can help.”

Ecosystem Integration is a modern approach to connect and integrate the core revenue producing business processes between a company and its ecosystem partners. It’s the proactive response to two inevitable forces affecting businesses today:

  • The critical need for supply chain agility and responsiveness
  • The irreversible acceleration of eCommerce sales and omnichannel fulfillment

Given these twin market forces, Ecosystem Integration has emerged as both a business discipline and a new software category – because it helps companies quickly build automated processes that can respond dynamically and intelligently to market disruptions.

Market reception and adoption of Ecosystem Integration is moving fast. According to a new survey Cleo released today, 51% of respondents reported they are increasing their technology investments to improve customer experience, gain new customers, or retain existing ones.
In 2020, many companies felt the pain of poor integration hitting their pocketbooks, with 34% reporting losses up to $1 million due to poor integrations. The root cause of these losses included usage of multiple disparate integration technologies (69%), reliance on manual processes (34%), slow decision making (34%), and difficulty integrating with back-office applications (27%).

“It is evident that slow partner onboarding, lack of end-to-end business process visibility, and weak overall governance and control of integration technology is taking a toll on logistics and transportation companies,” continued Patel. “It’s clear investment in Ecosystem Integration technology is what this industry needs. Cleo is here to help, and we encourage all of our customers, prospective customers, and partners attend Cleo Connect for Logistics & Transportation on April 27 to learn how they can set their organizations up for maximum success.”

For many, keeping up with rapid demand-driven market shifts is a question of competitive survival. To understand why and to learn more, plan on attending Cleo Connect for Logistics & Transportation. Ahead of the conference, interested parties may want to download “Only Driving Forward,” Cleo’s 2021 Integration Trends Report for the Logistics & Transportation Industry.