The first-half traffic results for the airfreight business of Swiss WorldCargo showed only slight changes from the prior-year period. Cargo load factor (by volume) stood at 78.6%, a 0.7-percentage-point decline from the 79.3% of January-to-June 2012. Total cargo sales, by contrast, were up 2.3% in revenue-tonne-kilometre terms. 

SWISS’s traffic results for the month of June 2013 show a 2.8% increase in total passenger numbers to 1,412,234 passengers (2012: 1,374,110). The systemwide seat load factor of 87.7% was also a 0.8-percentage-point improvement on the same month last year (2012: 86.9%). Seat load factor for European services was 1.7 percentage points higher, while intercontinental seat load factor was up 0.2 percentage points. Swiss WorldCargo posted a cargo load factor (by volume) of 77.8%, a 0.8-percentage-point decline on the 78.6% of June 2012.