Swiss WorldCargo and Lufthansa Cargo Charter signed a marketing and sales cooperation agreement on March 30, 2006 enabling Swiss WorldCargo to also sell charter capacity all over the world. Lufthansa Cargo Charter now also relies on the sales force of Swiss WorldCargo.

With the demand for quality, effectiveness and specialized needs constantly rising among international cargo customers, Swiss WorldCargo and Lufthansa Cargo Charter decided to collaborate. The new agreement, which was signed on March 30, 2006 by Oliver Evans, Chief Cargo Officer, Swiss WorldCargo and Christian Fink,Managing Director Lufthansa Cargo Charter Agency, states that all Swiss WorldCargo sales offices worldwide will now be able to offer charter flights via Lufthansa Cargo Charter. Lufthansa Cargo Charter contributes their product portfolio of Charter Services to the service portfolio of the Swiss cargo carrier. They can now market ad hoc charter flights for every need as well as frequent flights to ill-served regional markets.

With Swiss WorldCargo Lufthansa Cargo Charter has added another experienced sales organization to its representation portfolio. Besides their own sales forces with offices in Kelsterbach, Chicago and Hong Kong so far Lufthansa Cargo was Lufthansa Cargo Charters only marketing partner. Swiss WorldCargo will do sales for the renowned charter agency as well. This fits perfectly into Lufthansa Cargo Charters strategy of permanently extending its customer base and to offer tailor-made solutions to meet individual customer requirements.

‘We’re convinced that in Swiss WorldCargo we have found the perfect partner for our needs,’ says Christian Fink. ‘Swiss WorldCargo has an excellent reputation and extensive experience at the highest of levels in marketing and sales of specialized services especially in niche markets.’

In a sales partnership with Swiss WorldCargo, Lufthansa Cargo Charter can now obtain all the expert knowledge it requires from a competent partner to offer customized concepts to their customers. The arrangement provides a joined marketing activity combining traditional Swiss values with reliable German quality of services.

‘Our two companies are an excellent match ’ in respect of their profitability, their know-how, their demands for quality and customer dedication and their culture. It is now on us to implement a joint strategy promptly so that our customers quickly perceive the benefits of the cooperation. Lufthansa Cargo Charter supports us to fulfill our strategies in niche markets, enabling us to offer exceptional services which are beyond the ordinary. Both of our companies are specialists to satisfy these special requests of niche product markets.’ Evans emphasized.